How To Properly Prepare for Music Festival Season

Festival season is almost in full gear and it’s time to get all the newbies ready to get groovy the right way.

When it comes time to pack it is hard to know exactly what to bring, especially if you have never attended a festival before. It is easy to get caught up in choosing the right outfit and forget all the important items you absolutely need to survive the euphoric weekend.

Other websites, such as Buzzfeed or Showbams suggest items commonly brought to music festivals like fanny packs, cell phone chargers, and sunscreen. These items are necessary but not commonly forgotten.

However, BuzzFeed does recommend bringing “an extra outfit just in case it rains” because “wet socks are the effing worst”

People new to festivals don’t know about the lack of showers, the long port-a-potty lines, or any of the other mayhem that goes on.

Every festival is different. If you are attending Pemberton, you might find yourself trekking one mile in the mud, lugging 20 lbs of camping supplies on your back. Every five feet dropping a sleeping bag, or backpack, constantly having to stop and resituate your load on your aching back.

Or if you’re attending Air + Style, and you were hella hyped that you remembered to bring your HydroFlask so you can quench your thirst throughout the day. You might be disappointed to find out that “HydroFlasks are prohibited inside festival grounds.”

At times like this, you are probably wishing you had an alternative way to carry your bags or to bring water into the festival.

Luckily, the people of Mountain Air Sports in San Luis Obispo know the ins and outs of “festival-ing” and were ready to offer their help.

Josh Haring, the stores’ owner told me his top five favorite festival hacks (listed below). Mountain Air Sports used to entail everything from camping, hiking, and climbing. According to Haring, this has changed over the past few years:

Mountain Air Sports along with stores like us, have transformed from hike, camp, climb to hike, backpack, climb, FESTIVAL- Josh Haring.

  1. Go Girl
  2. Billow Bag
  3. Action Wipes
  4. Luci
  5. Camel Back Backpack

All of these items can be found at your local Mountain Air Sports, or most other camping stores, like REI.


Okay festival noobs, now that you know everything you need to survive your weekend get crazy, be safe and vibe hard at your festival.

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